About Me

Along the way, life has introduced me to people that have shaped the way I think and work.

Professionally, I have been a Support Technician, to Educator, to Project Manager, and retail salesman. In my personal life, I enjoy photography, travel, outdoor activities and learning. The people that I have met and the jobs that I have had along the way have all influenced me. I feel like I take a little bit from the people I have met, a little bit of everything that I have done, and a little from every place that I have lived. I hope that while navigating this site, it gives you a better insight as to who I am, where I came from, and why I am the way I am. Thank you for your curiosity, enjoy your stay and have fun!



I grew up in the States, in Miami Florida. I attended High School in Miami, and began my college career at Miami-Dade College. In 2001, I received my Bachelors in Computer Science(with a minor in Mathematics) from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

In addition to my formal university studies, I have done post graduate work in education. In my free time, study languages, of which I enjoy studying French. At the moment, I am completing my MBA studies at the Smurfit School in Dublin.







Here are the activities that I enjoy:

  • running
  • blogging
  • studying languages
  • photography
  • traveling






People always ask me about the languages I speak. It’s important to note that I learned each language in a different way.

English is my first language and mother tongue and I learned it as a child. My K-12 education was completely in English and I studied in an American university.

Italian is the language of my mother, and I also learned it as a child. I later studied it in university. When in Italy, I use it daily.

I learned Spanish in part for two reasons. By one part, I was surrounded by it while I grew up in Miami. On the other part, I had cousins from my father’s side that I speak to in Spanish. I learned my Spanish as a teenager, mostly during trips to Colombia. It was a very enriching experience in a new culture, with ample opportunities to dive right into the language.

In middle school, I took two years of French, but didn’t use it much after that. I later took two semesters of French in college. I don’t have much of an opportunity to practice it recently, so I listen to RFI in the mornings to make up for it, and attend language exchanges in order to keep it up.

While I lived in Munich, I studied German at the Volkshochschule, a German Community College. I have a basic conversational level. When I have a bit more time, I will dedicate more time to this wonderfully complex language.

Currently, I am working from the cool air and green grass of the emerald isle. That’s right, I’m in Dublin, Ireland.  I also find myself frequently in the UK, and Italy.