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Book Review: The Art of Social Media

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In all practicality, it is difficult to find a book that properly addresses a solid social media strategy. Many try to be either all-encompassing or too narrow for everyday use. This book is laid out along 12 chapters and follows a very logical order. Beginning with what your social media footprint should look like to the intricacies of differences between the platforms. Guy offers a plethora of information, in a neatly organized fashion. There is no shortage of advice though, throughout these chapters, there are a whopping 123 different tips for improving your social media presence.

Although mainly a technical book, the author does have his fun, and makes the whole book more readable by spats of comedy… Guy seems to have enough experience with trolls that he tends to refer to them as orifices…

Let’s take a look at some of the great and not so great aspects of this book.



  • Netiquette is observed in many chapters, and is explained for the social networks in question
  • Best practice is provided everywhere in this book Where best practice is a grey area, Guy fills in with his personal experience.
  • Lots and lots of links. It’s not uncommon to find up to 6 links per page (this is what makes the digital version superior)
  • The section on events is very informational and can be used as a checklist when setting up your own event. It even includes a subsection on how to run your own Google+ “Hangouts on Air” seems to be scratching the surface of how social media will evolve in the near future.
  • Nice section on press releases and tips for success for who chooses to use this strategy
  • Lots of niche advice, (like syndicating in a different language) that you can use
  • A good focus on Pinterest, a social network that I noticed has been overlooked in other books. Also, kudos for including Slideshare where relevant.



  • By far the biggest disappointment is Chapter 6, “How to Get More Followers “is pretty slim as it includes only 2 tips… Definitely felt something was missing here.
  • It’s a bit heavy on recommending tools in which Guy has a personal stake. Although he is quite forthcoming when he does this, it doesn’t seem like he offsets it enough by giving a plethora of alternatives to his tools.
  • In some circumstances, only Guy’s advice is provided, and there are no studies or background evidence to reinforce his point. This is a good book for the average Joe. If you’ve ever wondered how many times you should be tweeting your promotional tweet, or which network is best for selfies, then you’ve picked the right book.


This book has a great audience appeal. Whether you are a blogger, journalist or reporter who is interested in the space and how it works, or you are running the social media channel of a small-medium sized company, this book is for you. Even if you are just interested in how to leverage social media for your personal branding, this would also do the trick. There is no doubt, that I, myself as a blogger and manager of Social Media Strategy have benefitted from the advice proposed by Guy, and can now justify how and why I do the things that I do.

I’d stop short of calling it a definitive guide though. I’d like to see a good book backed up with some solid evidence and case studies of what did and didn’t work for medium to larger sized businesses. For the most part, Guy’s advice is solid, and makes sense, although from my personal experience, I wouldn’t apply that to every social media situation that I find myself in.

Overall, The Art of Social Media is as good as you’ll get to a manual for taming your social media strategy, although bear in mind with all the development that’s been going on in the social networks, don’t be surprised if this advice becomes obsolete in the next 12-16 months.


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About the Author: Michael Munevar is an eCommerce Specialist, frequent traveler, online marketing pro and passionate about the marriage of business with technology

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